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Punjab Safe City Authority Security Job

City Authority Security Job is a government agency established in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is responsible for implementing advanced technological solutions and modern surveillance systems to enhance the safety and security of cities and communities within the region.

The authority’s primary objective is to create secure urban environments by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, facial recognition systems, license plate recognition, and other cutting-edge tools.

Position Number of Positions
Chief Monitoring & Evaluation Officer 01
Chief Implementation Officer 01
Deputy Chief (Human Resource) 01
Deputy Chief (Telecommunication) 01
Deputy Executive Officer (Contract Management) 01
Executive Officer (Admin & Logistics) 01
Deputy Executive Officer (M&E) 01
Assistant Executive Officer (Internal Audit) 01
Program Producer 01
Assistant Program Producer 01
Non-Liner Editor 01
Camera Expert 01
Audio Expert 01
Supervisor (Spares/Warehouse) 01
Supervisor (Day Care Center) 01
Drivers 03
Nanny/Baby Sitter (Day Care Centre) 07
Dispatch Riders 02
Chowkidar 01
Naib Qasid 02
Sweeper 01


The Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) is a government agency in the Punjab province of Pakistan established to enhance public safety and security through advanced technological solutions. Here are some key points about the Punjab Safe Cities Authority:

  1. Establishment: The Punjab Safe Cities Authority was established in 2016 under the Punjab Safe Cities Ordinance to improve safety and security in urban areas of the province.
  2. Mandate: PSCA’s primary mandate is to use modern technology to enhance law enforcement, traffic management, and overall public safety.
  3. City Surveillance: PSCA operates a comprehensive network of surveillance cameras in major cities of Punjab, including Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad. These cameras are strategically placed to monitor public areas, streets, and traffic.
  4. Traffic Management: The authority employs technology to improve traffic management and reduce congestion. Automated traffic signal systems and electronic traffic violation monitoring help regulate traffic flow and enforce road rules.
  5. Emergency Response: PSCA has established a centralized emergency response system, allowing citizens to contact authorities in case of emergencies. The system helps in swift response to accidents, crimes, and other urgent situations.
  6. Crime Prevention: The surveillance network aids law enforcement agencies in crime prevention and detection. It provides real-time monitoring of public spaces and assists in identifying and apprehending suspects.
  7. Community Policing: PSCA collaborates with local law enforcement agencies to strengthen community policing efforts, enhance public trust, and improve police-citizen interactions.
  8. Public Awareness: The authority works to raise awareness about safety and security issues among the public, encouraging active participation in making Punjab’s cities safer.
  9. Data Analysis: PSCA collects and analyzes data from its surveillance and monitoring systems to identify patterns, trends, and areas that require special attention in terms of security and safety.
  10. Integration with Law Enforcement: PSCA’s systems are integrated with various law enforcement agencies, enabling them to access real-time data and coordinate their efforts effectively.

The Punjab Safe Cities Authority plays a significant role in improving the overall safety and security of urban areas in the Punjab province. Its use of technology, including surveillance cameras and automated systems, contributes to crime prevention, traffic management, and emergency response, ultimately making cities in Punjab safer for residents and visitors.

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