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Board of Investment Islamabad Security Job

The Board of Investment Pakistan, often referred to as BOI, is a vital government agency responsible for promoting and facilitating investment in Pakistan.

Established to enhance economic growth and development, the Board of Investment serves as a central point of contact for both local and foreign investors seeking opportunities within the country.

Through its strategic initiatives, the BOI aims to create a favorable investment climate by streamlining regulatory processes, offering investor-friendly policies, and providing comprehensive information and support.

By fostering a conducive environment for business and investment, the Board of Investment plays a crucial role in driving economic expansion, employment generation, and technological advancement in Pakistan.

Here are Available Positions

Position Number of Positions Pay Scale
Assistant (BPS-15) 02 BPS-15
Stenotypists (BPS-14) 07 BPS-14
Data Entry Operator (BPS-14) 01 BPS-14
Drivers (BPS-04) 02 BPS-04
Dispatch Rider (BPS-04) 01 BPS-04
Naib Qasid (BPS-01) 07 BPS-01
Chowkidar (BPS-01) 02 BPS-01

The Board of Investment (BOI) in Islamabad, Pakistan is a government agency responsible for promoting and facilitating foreign and domestic investments in the country Here are some Highlights about Board of Investment Islamabad : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Establishment: The Banking Committee was formed in 1997 as part of the government’s efforts to attract and facilitate investment in Pakistan.

Mandate: The main mandate of the BOI is to create a favorable economic environment in Pakistan, encourage economic growth and increase employment opportunities by attracting local and foreign investment.

Economic Development: BOI plays an important role in promoting Pakistan as an attractive investment destination. It provides information, guidance and incentives to potential investors, both domestic and international.

Investor Services: BOI provides a range of services to investors, including assistance with project approvals, regulatory approvals and facilitation of business establishment in Pakistan

Policy recommendations: BOI works closely with government to recommend investor-friendly policies and reforms. It aims to reduce barriers to employment and create a work-friendly environment.

Sector-specific development: The BOI focuses on specific sectors such as energy, manufacturing, agriculture and IT, and tailors its efforts to attract investment in these key sectors

Single window office: BOI operates a single window to simplify the financial process. This process aims to reduce the time and effort required for investors to obtain the necessary approvals and permits.

Foreign Investment: Attracting foreign exchange is a priority for BOI. It helps foreign investors understand local laws, find and analyze suitable investment opportunities


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