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If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding career in law enforcement, then the Motorway Police is a great option. You can find more information about the job posting on the Motorway Police website.

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Posted Date 1-August-2023
Job Type Full Time
Department Motorway Police
Education Required Matriculation to Master’s degree
Province All over Pakistan
Sector Government
Location All over Pakistan
Office Address Scroll down and see the complete advertisement paper
Source Official Website
Gender Male and female
Last Date to Apply Upcoming

Motorway Police, officially known as the National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP), is a specialized law enforcement agency in Pakistan responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the country’s highways and motorways. Here are some key points about the Motorway Police in Pakistan:

  1. Establishment: The National Highways & Motorway Police was established in 1997 under the National Highways Safety Ordinance.
  2. Jurisdiction: Motorway Police’s primary jurisdiction covers Pakistan’s motorway network, which includes several major highways and motorways connecting different cities and regions of the country.
  3. Mandate: The main mandate of the Motorway Police is to regulate and enforce traffic laws on highways and motorways, ensure road safety, and provide assistance to travelers in case of emergencies.
  4. Traffic Management: Motorway Police officers are responsible for managing traffic flow, ensuring adherence to speed limits, and preventing reckless driving and road accidents.
  5. Patrolling: They conduct regular patrols along the motorway network to monitor traffic and respond to incidents promptly.
  6. Assistance to Motorists: Motorway Police officers assist motorists in case of breakdowns, accidents, or other emergencies. They also provide guidance and information to travelers.
  7. Enforcement: They enforce traffic laws, issue fines for violations, and maintain law and order on highways and motorways.
  8. Emergency Response: Motorway Police are often the first responders to accidents and emergencies on the motorway. They coordinate with other emergency services to provide assistance.
  9. Public Awareness: The Motorway Police engage in public awareness campaigns to educate motorists about safe driving practices and road safety rules.
  10. Modern Technology: The Motorway Police use modern technology, including surveillance cameras, speed cameras, and communication systems, to enhance their effectiveness in enforcing traffic regulations.
  11. Training: Officers of the Motorway Police undergo specialized training in traffic management, emergency response, and customer service to effectively carry out their duties.
  12. Cross-Country Connectivity: Pakistan’s motorway network is vital for connecting various parts of the country, facilitating trade, and promoting economic development. The Motorway Police contribute to the smooth functioning of this network.

The National Highways & Motorway Police in Pakistan plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the country’s highways and motorways. Their efforts in enforcing traffic laws, providing assistance to travelers, and responding to emergencies help reduce accidents and improve road safety for all road users.

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