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Driver Jobs in Federal Govt Islamabad

Driver Jobs in Federal Govt Islamabad has announced great vacancies in which there are many vacancies, driver vacancies are also available for those who have experience. There is a good chance for them to apply for the driver job quickly before the last dateΫ”

Job Description

Education Needed Primary
Age Limit 18 to 30 Years
Driving Experience 3 Years
Location Islamabad
News Paper The News

How to Apply

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Federal Government Islamabad” typically refers to the government of Pakistan that operates at the federal level and has its administrative offices located in the capital city, Islamabad. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here’s some general information about the federal government in Islamabad:

1. Capital City: Islamabad serves as the capital of Pakistan and is where the federal government is headquartered.

2. Structure: The federal government of Pakistan operates under a parliamentary system. It consists of three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial.

3. Federal Ministries: The federal government operates various ministries, each responsible for specific areas such as finance, education, health, defense, foreign affairs, and more. These ministries formulate and implement policies related to their respective domains.

4. Policies and Governance: The federal government is responsible for formulating and implementing national policies, regulations, and laws that apply to the entire country. It plays a crucial role in areas like national security, foreign affairs, economic development, and social welfare. h

5. International Relations: As the capital city, Islamabad is also the center for Pakistan’s diplomatic activities. The federal government manages Pakistan’s foreign relations, maintains embassies and consulates abroad, and hosts diplomatic missions from other countries.

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